Animal Quest DOS game review is online

Saturday, March 31st, 2012

[ width=”440″ height=”244″]

Edutainment month returns to LGR! Starting with the most epic quest for animals you’ve ever seen, Animal Quest. Eat or be eaten! Or don’t move and do nothing, whatever.

Also make sure you don’t miss the other half of this video here! Huge thanks to Kris for working with me on this one, ’twas a lot of fun.


7 comments on “Animal Quest DOS game review is online

  1. Kevin Dady says:

    OMG OMG FUCK YOOOOOUUUUU! no pascal!! how fucking dare you! do us a favor get freepascal, learn some shit and make some programs for every computer you own!

    btw good crossover, and I am sure to check out… (I would be surprised if that dude was half my age and I grew up with computers pre-MS-DOS) game reviews guy

  2. Gemini says:

    I’m actually older than Clint; When someone comes to my door trying to sell me stuff I frequently get asked if my parents are home. ; D

  3. Robert says:

    After watching the crossover, I decided to check out ADG’s content, and I must say, I like what I see. I can also picture avid viewers of ADG taking interest to LGR’s work as well.

    So congratulations, you evil bastards! Your masterminded plan to garner a larger fanbase through plug-ins in the facade of a crossover was a success!

  4. xaromir says:

    Epic beard! 🙂 I never knew about ADG, but actually it’s quite good, cool idea with the x-over and all. 🙂

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