Math Blaster – DOS PC Game Review

Saturday, April 21st, 2012

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Aw yeah, time to blast some MATH! It’s the Blasternaut to the rescue in this timeless edutainment classic for the Apple II, IBM PC, Commodore 64, and plenty more.

I wish I could have shown the original Apple II version, but alas, I do not own it. In fact, I wasn’t even able to find a disk image, only finding the Plus version. So the pictures of its binder had to suffice!


5 comments on “Math Blaster – DOS PC Game Review

  1. gruz says:

    I grew up, of course, with the black and white Mac version. I believe it was just called Math Blaster, not plus or anything. (I could be wrong here) Anyways, it was different than the versions you’ve shown here. I vaguely remember it, being around 20 years ago, but the graphics were really simple. You shot out of cannons underneath the correct answer to the math problem, and on the left side of the screen I remember there being a balloon slowly falling down towards a needle. You had to get over there and hit the balloon with your arm before it popped to prevent a game over.

    Now I’ve got to track this one down, a quick scan of ebay and the big abandonware sites turned up nothing on it. They have the plus version but that’s not it. If anyone out there reading this has the original Mac version, please point me in the right direction! I’ve got to play it!

    Anyways, awesome video LGR. Flooded my brain with memories!

    • Yes, apparently the original Apple II version also had some sort of cannon-firing thing going on, but I wasn’t able to find that one either. In addition I’m also on the lookout for the Mac version, especially now that you mention those details, so if you come across anything please report back!

      And thanks, happy to bring on the brain-floods!

      • gruz says:

        Finally ran across my old copy of the elusive black and white Mac version of Math Blaster. This one seems to be from 1985, so it’s probably designed for Macs older than the Mac Plus!

        I popped it in and it still works great too, but unfortunately it’s got some evil DRM and when I try to rip the disk it turns out as just the demo version. I have been able to successfully duplicate the actual disk doing a bit copy with Copy II Mac, but beyond that I’ve had no luck. I’d like to share it with the internet, so if I ever figure out how I’ll upload it to the Garden, hah.

        I uploaded a pic to flickr here:

  2. Kevin Dady says:

    I used to waste so much time with the apple II version, good stuff. You can find disk images of the apple II versions on

    • Unfortunately, the original Apple II version isn’t included on Asimov’s archive… that was one of the first places I looked when making this review! The Plus version is the earliest one there, and the earliest Apple II version I can find anywhere.

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