LGR – Deadly Tide PC Game Review

Saturday, June 23rd, 2012

[blip.tv http://blip.tv/play/h4t0gvvJbQA width=”440″ height=”244″]

Aliens are attacking and leave us no choice but to destroy their full motion video backdrops! Join the Earth Ocean Alliance in Deadly Tide, a 1996 on-rails shooter from Microsoft.


3 comments on “LGR – Deadly Tide PC Game Review

  1. Gemini says:

    I actually played this game as a teenager, but was never able to secure a copy for myself because I would continually forget what it was called. XD
    The part of the game that annoyed me the most was actually near the beginning where you’re trying to get through that section that has those reactors or whatnot and if you shoot one it explodes and makes you dead and you have to do the whole sequence all over again. >_<;

  2. Linkz88 says:

    Sweet! I was wanting to see what you thought about this game though my one time suggestion in the suggestion box probably had nothing to do with it! haha

    I remember it fondly as a kid and I still have the disks sitting on my bookshelf. I would bring it to school and play it on the computer in the back of the class when I finished all my work and the teacher said it was alright. I remember those FMVs blowing my mind fully out the back of my head as a kid. Fun times.

  3. dave says:

    Sorry this is completely off-topic, but if you find the time take a look at the games Simon The Sorcerer 1 & 2. They’re highly underrated in my opinions / not very well known.

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