LGR – Deathtrack DOS PC Game Review

Friday, July 27th, 2012

LGR - Deathtrack DOS PC Game Review

Sometimes, simple racing is not enough. Sometimes, you just want to strap ram spikes and missile launchers onto a car and smash up punks with some rad 80’s hairstyles on a track of death! For this, you’ve gotta choose Deathtrack, by Dynamix from 1989.


One comment on “LGR – Deathtrack DOS PC Game Review

  1. PowerHits Sci/Fi, quite a mix of games. Prophecy: The Fall of Trinadon, Tongue of the Fatman, Circuit’s Edge, Mines of Titan and of course DEATHTRACK. I personally didn’t play with any of these before. Although I vaguely remember a top-down view Fantasy RPG called Prophecy the Fall of something or other.

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