Microshaft Winblows 98 Review

Friday, August 17th, 2012

[blip.tv http://blip.tv/play/h4t0g4GMLAA?p=1 width=”440″ height=”244″]

Back in 1997, Microsoft was in some serious crap. Due to shady business practices and the government’s antitrust concerns, MS hate was all the rage. Enter Microshaft Winblows 98, a parody program meant to be a hilarious jab at the company and Bill Gates!


5 comments on “Microshaft Winblows 98 Review

  1. Pedro M. Negrao says:

    Is this the right place to leave a request?
    I’d love to see you make a review of the “Monty Python’s” game/activity center/parody thing…

  2. Actually Star Warped is’nt such a bad game, atleast I did’nt think so when i played it back in 1998. But this could be another case of nostalgia goggles. I still have it so i might have to check it out again, or even better, you do a review of it! Please?

  3. Gemini says:

    I’m still amazed this even exists.
    …I’m even MORE amazed that people actually spent money on it.

  4. Sam says:

    I am disappointed. I saw this on your shelf in a couple of your earlier reviews, but I think I was too busy or something to look it up. When I saw the title of this review, I expected a good laugh. But yeah, this thing sucks!

    I must ask, why did you buy this?!

    • Same reason I buy anything: I wanted to. I’m a collector, after all, and this one had me curious when I first saw it in 1998. Of course, it proved to be an awful piece of software, but oh well.

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