Lode Runner Online: MMR – PC Game Review

Thursday, August 30th, 2012

[blip.tv http://blip.tv/play/AYOCpG0A width=”440″ height=”244″]

The 1994 sequel to Lode Runner, titled The Legend Returns, was already a worthy successor to the 8-bit classic. But Mad Monks’ Revenge from 1995 took all it offered and added more, proving to be the ultimate version of the Presage Software puzzle platformer.


6 comments on “Lode Runner Online: MMR – PC Game Review

  1. gruz says:

    *raises hand* I was one of those folks who passed over this one because of the word Online in the title. This looks cool though, I figured it was just an online version of TLR and nothing more, I need to get a copy.

    • Hehe, it’s impressive how many people I’ve talked to thought this was an online-only game. Very bad marketing decision by Sierra. But yeah, this is TLR+More Awesomeness, so do grab it if you can!

  2. Gemini says:

    Wow. You managed to do an entire month of reviews about things I have almost no interest in. XD (not counting LGR Plays stuff)
    Well, I still watched the reviews of course, but as far as Lode Runner is concerned… I’m terrible at it. Just like Boulderdash, it’s one of the few games I just can’t seem to get the hang of. : /

  3. Ninguem says:

    I remember the 1993 version. Had a demo of it back in the day and played the same level over and over again.

    Never got my hands on a real copy of the game (or any other than that demo for that mather) and that makes me sad.

    But I´m still hunting.

    Great review as always.


  4. Kevin says:

    I dont know if its as bad as one would think in 2012, back in 94 how many people even knew what “on-line” meant? Heck the name of the publisher was “Sierra On-Line” (on line meaning a disk / tape / or other resource was available for use)

    • Well, this was 1995, not ’94. By that time I had had Internet of some kind for three years (Prodigy, AOL) and BBS access before that. Both of which were referred to as being “online”. And this was a couple years after Doom, which was really the jumpstart of people getting “online” to play games.

      Either way you look at it though, the term online in the game title is a confusing one and just judging from comments I’ve received on this video already, it only hurt sales.

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