Nakitek Game Saver Plus cart for SNES

Friday, September 28th, 2012

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Want to utilize save states but don’t want to use an emulator? The Naki Game Saver+ cartridge is just the retro gaming doohickey for you!


2 comments on “Nakitek Game Saver Plus cart for SNES

  1. Gemini says:

    You could probably really screw things up if you saved a state with one game, popped in another, and tried to load state. ; D
    I think I can answer your questions though. As for not being able to save/load at certain moments, this is because of the CPU state and the way the controllers are read. If the game’s not reading controller input, the Game Saver cart can’t intercept it. Also, the reason for the states not saving/loading correctly at certain moments is likely related to the fact that, on an emulator, you can save and load the exact state of every component and one fell swoop, whereas with a real SNES, each set of chips is going to be running independent of the cartridge, so not only can the cart not return those things to their exact state, they will all be accessing RAM while the cartridge tries to put everything back in there exactly as it was, so something could easily go wrong in the process.
    Those extra pins in SuperFX and Super Gameboy carts are used to actually access the extra processors in those cartridges. The Super Gameboy has its own internal RAM for dealing with GB carts, which is why the Game Saver can’t save it. As for SD carts… that’s an interesting question. I can see it working or not working depending on how games are loaded in on those carts, so that’s a big maybe.
    I really like that the Game Saver lets you play import games though. ; )

    • Heh, actually saving in one game and popping in another… does nothing! Just flashes the screen and doesn’t load anything. Oh well.

      And a couple people have figured out the flash carts situation. Apparently the Super EverDrive carts works with it, but the Powerpak does not. Curious as to why though.

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