Oddware – CyberShades 3D Glasses

Friday, October 19th, 2012

[blip.tv http://blip.tv/play/AYOHhU8A width=”440″ height=”244″]

Depth! Immersion! Headaches! The Chinon Cyber Shades active shutter 3D LCD glasses were on the cutting edge in 1995, boosting sales of 3D-capable PC games and aspirin alike.


7 comments on “Oddware – CyberShades 3D Glasses

  1. Gemini says:

    I had 3D shutter glasses for my previous Windows 98 system, as the video card it came with was specially designed to work with them. I actually used them quite a bit and learned that, in order to prevent headaches, you have to pretend that your monitor is a cube and set the depth settings up so that you can’t see beyond the back of this imaginary cube, which does limit the effect but ensures you can look at it without your brain turning to pain. Most people crank the depth effect way up because of the novelty of seeing 3D and then regret it within minutes. : P
    As for why your LCD monitor looks completely black through the things, the answer is: Polarization! LCD shutter glasses have several layers of polarized film which is what allows them to selectively black out each eye. LCD monitors also have polarized layers of film in them so they can function at all. Those polarized films essentially block each other out. TBH though, I’m not sure how newer shutter glasses get around this. Theatre glasses work passively by having each eye polarized differently and then the film itself is projected in two differently polarized images at the same time, and since theatre screens are massive, they can have much greater depth effects without being nearly as straining on the eyes.

  2. someperson42 says:

    At least this actually does something, unlike the so-called 3D glasses reviewed by ashens a while back.

  3. LORD MJ says:

    Interesting review, now I want to learn more about the history of 3D.

    Are you planning to do a review of Nvidia 3D Vision? I’m curios to see if that system works better and if it’s worth the investment in a graphic card and a monitor.

    Not that I’m planning to buy it. xD That would be awesome, but I first need to upgrade this 4 year old bucket of mine. lol

  4. Yomama says:

    Hey egomaniacal p.o.s., I see you started to censure and block viewers who are not constantly kissing your ass? You think you’re above us, youtube queen? Above negative feedback and criticizing? I’m going to bring you back to reality a bit by making sure you’re not going to get anymore donations. Be thankful it’s that mild of a lesson and that I’m not in a position to put my fist through your thick skull. 😉

    • The only people I block are known trolls, spammers, and people who repeatedly stir up trouble for others by cyberbullying and such. The right to moderate comments is mine as owner of the channel. If you feel like you’ve been wrongly blocked, just email me and 9 times out of 10 I’ll unblock you, because I don’t mind giving people another chance. I am simply one guy with a hobby so sometimes I’m not able to see the entire picture, and it’s inevitable mistakes happen. I’m not going to make a big deal out of it.

  5. Dan says:

    Seems like a huge hassle to enjoy gaming with these 3D glasses based on the review. Have you asked someone else to use them and if so, did they give a different opinion on them?

    I am asking this because there are many people who get headaches from 3D entertainment and there are many who just feel great throughout the time they are wearing them.

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