Car and Driver – DOS PC Game Review

Friday, November 2nd, 2012

[ width=”440″ height=”244″]

An oft-forgotten classic by the guys who went on to make the Descent games, this is not only one of the few magazine-inspired games but one of the most unique racers of its day. Not many driving games provide a parking lot as a selectable track!


4 comments on “Car and Driver – DOS PC Game Review

  1. Gemini says:

    I love how the game nonchalantly proclaims “You’re Dead” when you crash. That’s almost as bad as “You and your friends are dead” in the NES game Friday the 13th. >_>;

  2. Eulisker says:

    I think you should have mentioned that this was mainly programmed by the two guys who later founded parallax studios and released Descent and all that. They had more to do with that then with anything looking glass did.

  3. Nemo Neminis says:

    I saw, that the cars in the replay of the first collision exploded before the impact..

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