After Burner – Arcade Game Review

Friday, November 9th, 2012

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One of the action-packed classics from the Super Scaler era of Sega arcade games! While the home conversions may have been played by more gamers, this review takes a look at the arcade cabinet original.


3 comments on “After Burner – Arcade Game Review

  1. GameMana says:

    great stuff. fun arcade game, professional feeling review. Way to go.

  2. Legion says:

    Awesome review. I love After Burner. About once a month I drive down to Niagara Falls, Canada. In the basement of the Skylon tower they have an arcade that hasn’t updated it’s games since the 80s. They’ve got After Burner (the sit down version), Space Harrier (also sit down), Hang On, Thunder Blade and a bunch of other classics. Since the games are usually either 25 or 50 cents, I just play them all the way through. Good times.

  3. Edwin says:

    Good review. After Burner is another fun arcade game I ever played. It’s a good game. If I can rate, I would like to give 9/10 🙂

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