NFK: Santa’s Gone Postal – PC Game Review

Friday, December 7th, 2012

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It’s December, and that means Christmas game reviews! To get things started, we’ve got the Xmas spin-off to Natural Fawn Killers. The game has you play a psycho hunter in a Santa suit, sniping the heads off cute creatures, and tests the patience of gamers with its lackluster gameplay.


4 comments on “NFK: Santa’s Gone Postal – PC Game Review

  1. Gemini says:

    As an indie game developer myself, games like these really annoy me because somehow, the developers managed to get them published onto real CDs and placed onto store shelves, while tons of indie developers with far more talent and far better games were stuck never making a dime or making very little. : P
    I’m very glad places like GOG and Steam have indie titles now… GOOD indie titles. It’s so much harder for lame titles like this one to get anywhere nowadays and thus more of the awesome stuff shines through. : )

  2. someperson42 says:

    Yay! Return of the intro!

  3. gamewizard says:

    Would you put this game (or the regular NFK) on your Top 17 Worst PC Games list now that you’ve played it?

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