Sid Meier’s Civilization – DOS PC Game Review

Friday, January 11th, 2013

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The timeless turn-based 4x strategy classic from Microprose. Build an empire to stand the test of time! Just one… more… turn.


4 comments on “Sid Meier’s Civilization – DOS PC Game Review

  1. LORD MJ says:

    I’m a little interested in getting into Civ games, because I really like the idea of building towns and watching them evolve. I really enjoy playing the Towns indie game. Cities XL is also a very appealing game to me, thought I didn’t play it too much.

    But I have a couple of concerns. I don’t like strategy games too much. I just don’t like to think too much when I play my games. Occasional puzzles or strategic choices are fine, but an entire game revolving around that would be too much. I also don’t like games that are too complex. I preferably like to slowly get into the game. I can read a lot of text, but I can get bored by that and then drop the game for a couple of days.

    So do you think I should at least try and play the game, and if so which of the five ones would you recommend getting? I’ve searched around the web and there are mixed opinions on what is the best Civ game.

    • I’d give it a go, since while there is a lot of strategy, it’s able to be done in such a way that it’s not overwhelming. Unless you want it to be overwhelming, then you can go all out and adjust the options to make it so. Still, it’s a pretty traditional 4x strategy game through and through. If you want a good historical city-builder, I’d recommend the Caesar series, or even Pharaoh or perhaps CivCity Rome.

      As for which Civ game to try first, I’d highly recommend IV. It’s got probably the best tutorial out of all of them and is a great mix of classic Civ gaming with some modern touches without being too overbearing with “new-ness” like Civ V is to me.

  2. Rydon says:

    Nice review. I love the civ games, and my favorite is Civ 2. That game is basically electronic crack. I wanted to ask you if you had ever played the Conan the Cimmerian game by Virgin? I loved that game as a kid, and I wanted to see what you thought of it.

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