Moto Racer – PC Game Review

Friday, January 18th, 2013

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From the same developer as Flashback and Fade to Black comes “the greatest racing game of all time”. For fast, awesome, 3D-accelerated 90’s arcade racing on the PC, look no further than Moto Racer!


4 comments on “Moto Racer – PC Game Review

  1. DooMHeaD says:

    I remember playing this on our slow PC back then. Without a 3D-accelerator, and mature graphics drivers, we had to run the game in 320×240 windowed mode to be playable. But it was fun nonetheless.

    I think this has better track designs than its sequel. The sequel had more tracks and you could create your own with the simple track editor, but it only had a couple of themes which were more generic, and you could only edit the track path itself, not the design.

  2. Gemini says:

    I’m kinda surprised I never played this game back when it was new, despite the fact I knew all about it. Probably had to do with my lack of having a 3D accelerator card until just before Y2K, and once I did get one I was more concerned with games like Descent 3, Final Fantasy VII and System Shock 2. Also my PS1 racers of choice at the time were the Wipeout games.

  3. FancyCat says:

    Holy crap, CompUSA in Greensboro, NC!? I used to go there all the time when I was younger! Sooo many nostalgic DOS gaming memories… I still remember the row of game-demo PC’s they had setup with mostly Sierra titles, fully playable… back then about 99% of my gaming collection was BBS shareware, so thanks to them I still clearly remember a crapton of games I would otherwise never have known about, like the underrated Pepper’s Adventures In Time, King’s Quest 5 & 6, and Betrayal At Krondor… So many memories…

    • Man, that row of demo PCs they had at that store was fantastic… got almost every one of my Sierra titles from that store too, haha. Loved going there and looking at all the new stuff, then walking over to the Four Seasons mall and grabbing some lunch or something. I really miss that place.

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