My Game Collection List

Thursday, January 31st, 2013

My Game Collection List

After being requested for ages, I’ve finally put together a list of (almost) all of my physical games. Note that there are multiple tabs for each system along the bottom to choose from, as there seems to have been some confusion when I posted this on Facebook. Feel free to peruse at your leisure!

Also: just because I have a game doesn’t mean I’ll guarantee a review of it. This is just for curiosity’s sake since so many have asked πŸ™‚


19 comments on “My Game Collection List

  1. Tidre says:

    Hahah, you got baldurs gate: dark alliance on PS2! Those are some of my favourite games of all time πŸ˜€

  2. Not that I’d want to suggest going through the trouble of converting your list, but I’m a big fan of The Backloggery (

    • Yup, I’ve tried services like that before, and I’ve found that having a simple text database that’s easily and quickly accessible from the cloud on all my devices works best for now πŸ™‚

  3. magikgimp says:

    This is great, puts my tiny one to shame (collection AND e-peen!)
    You say it’s almost everything, can you elaborate on that. Cheers and thanks for the monumental task that this must have been to put together.

    • Thank you!

      There are a number of games missing: my entire Sega Genesis collection, a few handheld system games, and several containers of floppies, cartridges, and cassettes for different vintage computers that I didn’t have on hand when making this list. Also doesn’t include games bought on Steam, GOG, etc. If I included all of these things, I’d have another 500 or so games to add.

  4. Gemini says:

    And people think I’m crazy when I tell them I need more games than the ones I already have. ^_^;
    I noticed The Guardian Legend is missing from your NES collection. It’s one of my favourite 2D shooters and it’s fairly easy and cheap to find so you should grab a copy when you get a chance. πŸ˜‰
    Also curious if you’re gonna add portable games to the list at some point.

  5. xaromir says:

    That’s really insane, but yet, you miss so many great classics, especially on the Nintendo consoles. I hope i never get into collecting more seriously. xD

  6. Zabeus says:

    I love this list! Thanks for posting it, oh god of PC gaming.

    A few things:
    1) Will you be making a system/console list too? (including all the various obscure hardware models)

    2) Do you have Syndicate Wars? (digital) That’s a great game, although quite different from Syndicate.

    3) How can you have Sexy Beach/Boxed/ENGLISH? I thought Illusion specifically avoided overseas publishing. Is it a patched bootleg or did they release it?

    4) You have Isle of the Dead. I’m sure that would make a funny review in typical LGR fashion.

    5) Not related but after seeing your last interview + a recent post on your FB page, I’m hoping you can start releasing videos more often.

    • 1. I have a system list on Mobygames already. Though it’s not quite up to date.
      2. Nope, not yet!
      3. I’m not sure, but I ordered a copy from a dude in Japan back when they still sold them on Amazon. Probably a bootleg then, but it’s a good one if so.
      4. Balls yes it would, been meaning to for ages.
      5. I hope so too! Though, I’d almost rather do more involved and higher-quality videos instead of more. I’ve avoided reviewing some games simply because I didn’t have the time in one week.

  7. Ain says:

    i am so jelly of your collection… however, it’s still missing some great games including: Dragonsphere for DOS, all of the games in the Time and magik trilogy, Frederik Pohl’s Gateway for DOS, Dreams to reality for DOS/WIN9K, Requiem: Avenging angel for WIN9K, most PS1 and PS2 games…

    btw, what do you think of Intelligent Qube and have you played any of the sequels?

    • A collection is never complete πŸ˜‰

      I quite like Intelligent Qube, and have ever since playing the demo on a PlayStation Underground disc back in the day. It’s a nice mix of trippy weirdness and puzzle-solving. Never played the sequels though.

  8. pixelpuck says:

    I’m surprised you don’t have Duke Nukem 3d on the Playstation 1, even for the sake of having it. I own it myself and I HATE the controls, much better on a PC. Like the ps1 and Dreamcast lists too.

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