SimCity Series Retrospective

Thursday, February 14th, 2013

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History, overview, and opinion on each of the major Sim City games (and many of the minor ones). Covering the classics, the ports, and the forgotten oddities!


4 comments on “SimCity Series Retrospective

  1. Gemini says:

    I dunno how you managed it, but your overall voice volume in this video is much higher than usual. Normally I have to turn volume up from normal to watch videos online. This time I actually had to turn it down from normal! : o
    And geeze, unlike your Duke Nukem retrospective where I already knew about most of the games you talked about, I only knew about half of the SimCity games you mentioned! I kinda lost interest in the series after 3000 for some reason I’m still not completely sure of, considering how much I enjoyed the original games. (SimCity on the SNES was my very first time playing a SimCity game, followed shortly by SC2000 on Windows.)
    Ah well, was still neat learning about the SimCity games I missed out on over the years. : )

    • Yeah, I’ve been working out some settings for my mic, as well as using some hard limiting and equalization settings once it’s recorded. Seems to have helped, though still tweaking it.

      And I seem to have stumped some rather knowledgeable people with this one, as far as games they hadn’t heard about! Always fun to bring forgotten things from a classic series to light 😀

      • Gemini says:

        Actually, one thing I remember that was neat about the SNES version of SimCity was that Residental and Commercial zones that were side-by side and high enough in value could actually merge, creating 3×6 / 6×3 sized buildings! : o
        I also really enjoyed SimCopter, once patched up to remove many of its bugs and while using a high-end joystick. Unfortunately, the game has some major problems with how it handles the UFO and the faster the system you play the game on, the more likely the UFO will glitch out and crash the game. I used to challenge myself too to see just how many crazy places I could land a chopper in, like on top of streetlights and such. ; D

  2. Twyla Fox says:

    Judging from the Beta, the 2013 ‘reboot’ is a mockery of its former self. All the emphasis has been shifted to social networking and competitive multiplayer, with a bit of lip-service being given towards actual city management. If anything, it’s better described as a city-building expansion to The Sims than anything resembling an actual Sim City game.

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