Faery Tale Adventure – DOS PC Game Review

Friday, February 22nd, 2013

[blip.tv http://blip.tv/play/AYOPgjkA width=”440″ height=”244″]

Faery Tale Adventure was a pretty notable action adventure title back in the late 1980’s. But does it still hold up today, amongst other classic CRPGs that are more easily available?


5 comments on “Faery Tale Adventure – DOS PC Game Review

  1. Nemo Neminis says:

    When the first brother has died, visit his corpse with the second brother, and if he also dies, search his remains with the third.Thus you will regain your possessions so far attained in the game, and will not have to start directly from scratch. This is how I remember it from the Amiga version.

    • Yes but my problem with it still remains. You are a complete and total weakling once again when you die, except this time you don’t have any starting loot. Finding your way back to the body is darned near impossible due to the sheer size of the map, and even then, without some good stats and loot you’re sure to quickly die due to all the randomly-spawned hordes of enemies every few steps.

      So yes you can find the body, but the point remains: having three brothers is useless to me, just stick with the first one and reload if he dies.

      • Gemini says:

        Though it all begs the question: Why the heck are they not all travelling together? Safety in numbers in all?
        The Answer: That would’ve been too hard to program. ; D

      • Zenju says:

        There’s a similar curiosity with the Ultima games. When you die you are automatically resurrected, but then lose experience and levels. So why would you not reload immediately? This feature probably looked good on paper…

  2. Giuseppe says:

    Too bad they didn’t do more with the game; graphically the game was quite impressive for 1988. It reminds me a bit of Drakkhen, a 1989 game which was even more technologically impressive, but which was otherwise pretty crappy.

    It’s always unfortunate when someone comes up with an impressive game engine, yet fails to deliver an even modestly good game.

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