The Incredible Machine – DOS PC Game Review

Thursday, May 16th, 2013

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Where else but The Incredible Machine can you solve physics puzzles using bowling balls, guns, cats, monkeys on stationary bikes, and tiny people? Incredible!


4 comments on “The Incredible Machine – DOS PC Game Review

  1. gruz says:

    Oh man, I loved so much when they’d let us play this one at school, brings back so many computer lab memories!

    Recently I set up an old Mac for my daughter to play Incredible Machine 3, and I ended up hogging it and playing for hours and hours. I was pretty shocked how well these games hold up today, still fun as ever!

  2. Gemini says:

    Sorry for the wall of text comment but this game actually digs up some depressing memories for me. : (
    We had this game in the computer lab at the school I went to for grades 5 ~ 8, but only ONE license for it, so only one kid could be playing it at any point in time over the network and everyone else wouldn’t be able to, and of course the kid who got to play it would always be the one who ran like crazy to the computer room, ignoring the teachers telling them not to run in the hall, because the distance between the computer room and the classroom was very short in all four of those grades, so said kids never got more than a warning and were subsequently the only ones who ever got to play the game.
    Occasionally, the person who ran the computer lab (who clearly felt threatened by me since I knew more about the things than he did and would often chide me for incredibly minor things like leaving my chair sticking out a few inches too far when leaving) would tell someone playing the game to let someone else have a turn, but that meant it would be one of the kids actively watching the kid playing who would get into the game on their computers.
    I got to play the game ONCE… for about three minutes since the bell rang shortly after I managed to get into it. I barely even had the controls figured out. >_>;
    Oh well. Once I found out I could load programs from the disk drive in the little network program the systems had, I just brought my own games from home that no one else would ever be able to play! ; D

  3. Goatmeal says:

    Just found out a couple of days ago on Destructoid that the original “The Incredible Machine” team (Jeff Tunnell, Kevin Ryan, and Brian Hahn) is back, updating the game for the 21 century for Spotkin:

  4. Flipside says:

    The Incredible machine was an awesome game. A generation learned how to use the computer by playing Incredible Machine, and Oregon Trail.

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