After Dark – Screensaver Review

Friday, May 24th, 2013

Flying Toasters! Can of Worms! Fish! After Dark was unavoidable and awesome in its day, and this video explores the original releases, released on both the Mac and PC.


3 comments on “After Dark – Screensaver Review

  1. DooMHeaD says:

    I heard that modern flatscreen monitors can burn-in too, but most of the time they’re shut down by power management, if there’s no user activity, for obvious energy conservation reasons.

    But yeah, the age of screen savers are pretty much over. The only one I use is ‘Blank Screen’.

  2. Nyarlathotep88 says:

    Our computers at 3M are actually require mandatory screensavers that turn on every 10 minutes and lock your PC for security reasons. Granted, some people just choose a black screen, but most actually put something cool in like the BSOD screensaver that also displays information that a BSOD may have at that certain time it goes off (makes for great jokes) or whatever they want.

    Also, funny that you did a screensaver video as I just picked up a new copy of the Doom II screensaver for a couple bucks 😀

    Anyways, liked the episode.

  3. Gemini says:

    The ironic thing is probably about half of the screen savers out there in the 90s didn’t actually help save your screen because they themselves had static imagery. For example, the “Fish” module in the After Dark package has that ocean floor at the bottom of the screen that never moves contrasted with a black background. Even the puzzle one has persistent black lines between all the tiles it generates.
    Eventually at some point, the concept of the screen saver shifted from something to prevent burn-in to something that just looks pretty… though they even started making “Interactive” screen savers, which is kind of a weird thing when you stop and think about it. : P

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