PC Game Expansion Packs

Friday, January 17th, 2014

A relaxed, nostalgic look back at boxed computer game expansion packs. Includes different ex-pack types, box designs, and random rambling about days past!


5 comments on “PC Game Expansion Packs

  1. John W. says:

    I love your videos, but I wanted to offer a suggestion. You keep showing the boxes for games and expansions that look AMAZING, but many of these I can’t find gameplay videos of online. I’d love it if you’d upload gameplay from these expansions and linked to them within your YouTube videos! Plus, you’d get a bunch more YouTube views. What are your thoughts? Would YouTube’s claims policies potentially stop this?

    Keep up the amazing work!!!

    • Yes, YouTube’s policies have a problem with this a lot of the time, as does my contract with Maker Studios. If there’s no commentary or review on top of it, then it’s an issue. Plus, I just have no interest in uploading bare gameplay videos since I find them boring.

  2. Goatmeal says:

    Another great video, LGR. A few of my (not already-mentioned) favorites…

    * X-Wing Mission Disks: (a) Imperial Pursuit & (b) B-Wing
    * Tie Fighter Campaign Disk: Defender Of The Empire

    * Total Meltdown: Duke Nukem’ 3D Levels (Sierra Collection, unauthorized expansion)

    * Half Life: Opposing Force

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