Amstrad CPC 464 Computer Review

Thursday, March 13th, 2014

An overview of the history, hardware, and software of the CPC464 from the perspective of a vintage computer collector. How do the pros and cons stack up, what games can you play on it, and is it worth getting a 464 over others like the 6128?


5 comments on “Amstrad CPC 464 Computer Review

  1. Osgeld says:

    dunno if you can run it as it requires a FDD

  2. GermanRetro says:

    Ah, the Schneider computers! I remember them. Especially the time when the CPC 464 came around.

    Since there’s (still) a Bavarian brewery by the same name, there was a merchandise box being sent to the German dealers which (apart from some blurb brochure to advertise the computer itself) also contained two bottles of Weizen Bier and a glass. Nice kinda advertising – beer AND computers. 😉

    Alas, the only serious competitor to the other 8bit machines was the CPC6128 – because of the disc drive. Unfortunately, 3″ discs being rare to come by (at least when compared to 3,5″ and 5,25″) and VERY expensive and not many people having these computers at all.

    The other computer Schneider released, the Joyce (a rebranded Amstrad PCW) was pretty much a complete failure. Advertised as a “serious” working machine, but design wise flawed and underpowered. And even less common on a market with IBM PC clones getting cheaper every day.

    And don’t forget: By that time the Amiga- and Atari ST-lines were already hitting the market!

    Steve Benway once called the Amstrads terrible computers – especially when compared to the BBC machines and Acorns – and rightfully so. They were mediocre at best and came way too late in many respects – and “the lord’s” behaviour towards his employees did not do his company’s image a lot of favours in the eye of the public. (Even if such shitty and antisocial behaviour towards the working staff has become the “norm” in a lot of companies these days.)

  3. Jaekaelae says:

    By the way are you planning to look at One Must Fall 2097 as it has its’ 20th anniversary this year?

    • I’m not sure when I’ll get to reviewing it, but I absolutely plan on it!

      • Jaekaelae says:

        I’m not too interrested when this review comes out I just see it more important that this gem of video games is noted during its’ anniversary. So many good memories… still my favourite arena fighter. By the way I really appreciate your work and especially your style of doing vids. Keep up good work.

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