SimCity Revisited – Is It Any Better Now?

Monday, March 17th, 2014

After a year of patches and the Cities of Tomorrow expansion pack, has SimCity 2013 improved enough to warrant a purchase? Covers the offline patch, expansion, DLC, updates, etc.


2 comments on “SimCity Revisited – Is It Any Better Now?

  1. Vid says:

    Hello, LGR, I am concerned in one thing. If you could answer me I would be happy.
    Have you had problems with The Sims 3 performance? I mean, after like 40 mins – 1 hr of playing game kept getting slower. Camera answers slower, sims keep making activities slower. Have you encountered such problems?
    PS: Sorry for my english, it’s not my primary language. Hope you caught the sense.

    • I’ve had lots of problems, including those. Even on higher-end hardware, those problems happen eventually, especially with lots of expansions installed. It’s sadly just the way the game engine runs, to my knowledge.

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