LGR Thrifts: New Shops, More Goodwills

Sunday, March 23rd, 2014

Tag along with me as I go out thrifting, in search of games and interesting goodies at local shops! Three Goodwill stores, a Salvation Army, and two consignment shops in this episode.


3 comments on “LGR Thrifts: New Shops, More Goodwills

  1. GermanRetro says:

    Very nice video (once again)! 🙂
    Congratulations on your finds!
    While there are no Goodwill-stores over here in Germany, there are similar stores and warehouses (e.g. Caritas, which is run by the catholic church).
    You may find of old PC-games there (up to and including big boxed games), maybe some old hardware (I once bought a video editing machine by Macrosystem there) and almost never console games (too many ebay-resellers and similar leeches out hunting). You can be lucky one day, and then again find nothing of any interest for months.
    And then “Lost Treasures”… yeah, I know these kinda shops. I call them “museums”, because if you return there in 5 years, the very same stuff will still be around due to the ridiculous pricing. 😉
    There’s a very big one (with two stores) in Dresden called “Games Broker”, which even LOOKS like a museum (actually, very nice, with some Alien Resurrection-artwork done by a local artist). And, no, I don’t buy there anything if I visit the city!
    If you charge me eBay-prices I most certainly demand eBay-*SERVICE* in return. (The very same goes for shabby flea market-resellers.)
    It’s much nicer to visit smaller shops (without dollar signs in their eyes) and the local flea markets.
    So, carry on and good hunting!

  2. gruz says:

    Haha! Seriously nice score on that 5160, that’s amazing! I’m loving the new face-cam you’re doing too, I could literally SEE the adrenaline when you spotted that beast. Awesome vid man! Bravo! =)

  3. justinwl says:

    its sorta creepy that you treat your new computer acquisitions like I do. it was like watching myself finding a retro computer, with that grin and reading all the little labels and the case caressing…. I’ve had amazing luck myself the last few weeks, found a boxed mac se fdhd, boxed voodoo 5500 for Mac, and just yesterday a boxed atari 1040st with monitors/megafile 30. Goodwill pretty much sucks for old console games but its a retro PC goldmine for big box games.

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