LGR – Thrifts [Ep.3] Rescue Mission, Pawn Shop

Sunday, April 6th, 2014

Tag along with me as I go out thrifting, in search of games and interesting goodies at local shops! Some new and old Goodwill stores, a mission thrift store, and a pawn shop in this episode.


One comment on “LGR – Thrifts [Ep.3] Rescue Mission, Pawn Shop

  1. GermanRetro says:

    Sweet! Nice catch! 🙂

    $5 for a complete NES in working condition is most excellent! Same goes for the lot for $15.

    Over here chances are VERY slim to find something for that price. Most flea markets (as well as second hand-shops) “feature” a bunch of shady resellers and “fast runners” who look out for old consoles. Especially everything Nintendo (except for the Game Cube).

    Hell, some of these people charge you 15 Euros ($20) for a NES-controller! I honestly wonder who is willing to pay such prices.

    At least other brands are not that hard to find for a fair price, e.g. Sega Genesis (Mega Drive over here) or Sony PS 1 & 2. Older ones like the Atari 2600 are getting rare too. And I have never EVER seen a 5200 or 7800 here – including titles – on a flea market.

    Though I hit the jackpot last year and found a complete Colecovision for 10 Euros on a flea market. 😉

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