Meze 11 Deco Wooden Earbuds Review

Monday, July 28th, 2014

Overview of the 11 Deco in-ear headphones by Meze. Mm, wood.

● Browse the Mezo website here for more info:


One comment on “Meze 11 Deco Wooden Earbuds Review

  1. osgeld says:

    the specs mostly mean they are average for earbuds, there’s your first, second clue, and third clue…

    when they go out of their way to overwhelm you with stats
    when they say headphones on earbuds
    when they have audiophile printed on the box

    it means your going to get some decent earbuds for a high price.

    For instance I just bought a set of another brand at the overstock clearance store to use at work. They bragged about all metal construction, gave a damn datasheet that would make guys at intel scratch their head, audiophile grade and originally priced at 50 bucks!

    I got them for 6 cause its already in the clearance section of the overstock store, and had been sitting around since February.

    Anyway, they are better than the 99 cent ones that come with a free cd player by a long shot, but its all boomy bass, no mids and shrill highs, like a bullhorn meets boom boom car, and almost identical specs as the ones you reviewed.

    I got home and popped on my Sennheiser’s HD 429s (those are headphones darnit!) and thanked my wife again for getting them for me at Christmas

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