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Farewell, blog!

Sunday, May 10th, 2015

As of today, I will cease updating this blog for the foreseeable future. Not worth the time at this point :/

All further videos will still appear on YouTube, where things are going better than ever! Thanks for stopping by.


Justin Carmical – RIP 2014

Sunday, January 26th, 2014

This is not the kind of blog post anyone wants to write, but as you may or may not have seen, Justin Carmical (aka JewWario) took his own life a couple days ago.

I’ve been rather beside myself since hearing about it, at first not believing it at all, then really not believing it, then just losing it. I don’t have a whole lot I can even put into words at this point, but my heart really hurts for his family, his friends, his tons of followers, and the guy himself, because I had no idea he was going through what he was. I can at least share some of my memories.

I first met Justin at E3 2013. I showed up at the hotel a bit earlier with some others and the room was already packed full with our stuff. It’d been a very long flight, I didn’t know anyone, and it was just typical travel stuff in a big city I’d never been before. Then Justin showed up and, having never met him, at first I’m like “oh great, where are we going to fit this guy? He’s all tall and stuff, and he’s an import gamer so he’s probably weird”. But as soon as he shook my hand, looked me in the eye and asked me how I was doing and how my flight was and apologized for being a nuisance, I completely forgot about any hesitation I had. I normally don’t warm up to people quickly. Took about 30 seconds.

The dude had charm and dang it, it was just obvious he was one of “those nice guys” that puts other nice guys to shame somewhat. The kind to give the shirt off their back, or loan you a couple bucks for a hot dog from a street vendor with no expectation of repayment. And being a content producer, the guy was solid gold as far as I’m concerned. Not only did he make awesome stuff, but he was insanely kind and humble to every single one of his fans that I ever saw him interact with, going well out of his way to hang out and chat even if he was busy. Not to say producers can be egotistical jerks, but… producers can be egotistical jerks. Justin was one of the furthest from that I’ve come across and even though I didn’t get to hang out with him but for a few days, it seriously hurt to hear he was gone.

So I just wanted to say that it was a pleasure to meet him and spend a few days hanging around LA with him in the group. Some of my very best memories of E3 involved his presence, like walking around Little Tokyo and going to an awesome Japanese arcade he knew of and playing some weird rhythm games he was strangely well-versed at. Then to a Korean BBQ restaurant, one of those where you order a ton of different meats and veggies, are given a grill in the middle of your table and just chow down til you burst. We shared a grill, and it eventually became a thing of “how much kobe beef and other meats can we eat?” He’d look over at me and say “dude, think you can eat more?” “bet you can’t put down another plate” “waiter, MORE KOBE, this stuff melts in your mouth!” And of course, the time we went to a local bar for an IndieGogo party, where the drinks and food were free. Best freaking guacamole we’d ever had, and some amazing drinks to go along with it. We just sat there for a good while, eating all their guac, taking all the free drinks, and just chatting about games, movies, future plans, and life. Sat there talking so long we lost track of the time and had to absolutely book it running back to the bus through downtown LA, haha.

“Man, you’re amazing, I just want you to know that. You just keep doing what you do because people adore you” he said to me sometime after, when talking about… heh, I”m not sure the subject matters, because it felt genuine when he said it. It didn’t come off as contrived or anything else but heartfelt. He just made times better, made me personally feel welcome, and really seemed to enjoy people (even total strangers) to a degree you don’t see much. Seriously, have a quick watch. Sigh. That was Justin to me.

You will be missed, man.

I’m in a cartoon! “Clint’s Train”

Friday, January 17th, 2014

Holy crap. I don’t know how I missed this until now… but this is freaking brilliant. I am laughing myself about as hard as I’m laughing in the cartoon!

Many thanks to Roger van der Weide for making this bit of awesomeness.

Referencing this video, if you’re not familiar!

LGR is now on Patreon!

Sunday, January 12th, 2014

LGR is now on Patreon!

LGR now has a campaign on Patreon! This is sort of like a Kickstarter for the show, but it’s more ongoing.

There’s a video on the page explaining more, as well as details on rewards, benefits, and other awesome stuff that will result if you decide to help out!

Thank you for the consideration and here’s to lots more LGR, however this goes 🙂

AVerMedia Game Capture HD II

Tuesday, September 24th, 2013

AVerMedia Game Capture HD II Released

A new capture device from AVerMedia is out today! Expect a full review of it soon, just like I’ve done with previous products of theirs. And yeah, looking forward to this one. “Record, Commentate, Edit & Upload without a PC” is what the website says, and that pretty much sums it up. Keep an eye out for much more info on it on LGR!

It’s on Amazon
And also Newegg

Making an LGR Episode [Time-lapse]

Monday, March 4th, 2013

A bit of what goes into producing an episode of Lazy Game Reviews. Just four hours of the process shown here, but it usually takes 15-30 hours to make a review depending on the subject matter.

Footage is of The Sims 3 Seasons review, shot in November 2012.

My Game Collection List

Thursday, January 31st, 2013

My Game Collection List

After being requested for ages, I’ve finally put together a list of (almost) all of my physical games. Note that there are multiple tabs for each system along the bottom to choose from, as there seems to have been some confusion when I posted this on Facebook. Feel free to peruse at your leisure!

Also: just because I have a game doesn’t mean I’ll guarantee a review of it. This is just for curiosity’s sake since so many have asked 🙂

LGR Website Command Prompt

Sunday, November 25th, 2012

LGR Test Command Prompt

New addition to the LGR website I’m testing out. It’s a (mostly) working MS-DOS prompt in your browser! Just type in the commands you’d expect, browse to LGR pages and random games playable in-browser. Huge thanks to Mike for coding this!

I’m in a video game! Well, my voice is.

Saturday, August 11th, 2012

Well this is awesome. If you look under the changelog for the latest version of Gas Guzzlers Combat Carnage, you’ll see “Single Player/Common – Added voice-over inspired by Duke Nukem“. That would be me! Or, my voice.

A while back I did an LGR Plays video on Gas Guzzlers. I thought the game was awesome, very much like a 3D remake of Death Rally, the classic combat racing game from Remedy. As usual, I was doing my Duke Nukem impressions during the video and made a passing remark that Duke would make an awesome addition to the game, since it already had an Arnold impersonation. Well, Gamepires got in touch and said they’d pay me to do a Duke voiceover. So I did! And here it is, a few months later.

Download the 1.2 patch here (requires Gas Guzzlers game, of course). Just go into your profile and choose “Duke” from the list of characters. You’ll get to hear me shoot dudes up and/or get shot to crap and die. Hehehe, what a mess.

A look into how LGR vids are made

Friday, July 20th, 2012

Lots of people ask what goes into making my reviews. Do I write a script, do I ad-lib everything? Well, yes and no. Below is an example I ran across while going through some files (most of these I don’t keep)…

LGR Alice Madness Returns Script / Notes

That is the “script” for my Alice: Madness Returns review (video embedded at top of post). They’re more like notes, as I ad-lib a whole lot of the review. Yes, simple. Lazy even. I just kind of talk, record my ramblings for an hour or so, then edit it down into something resembling coherent speech. Certain reviews call for more detailed scripting (like my hardware or Sims reviews) but even then, a lot of it is made up on the spot. I actually think of most of what I’m going to say while playing the game, then do my recording while it’s still fresh on my mind.

So yes, now you know.